Walt Gonske Fine Art

"Taos Arroyo"   12x16    Oil

"El Prado Chamisa"   11x14    Oil

"My Chamisa"   12x16    Oil

"Servillete Adobe"   22x30    Oil

"San Luis Valley"   14x18    Oil

"Maintenance"   12x16    Oil

"El Prado Adobes"   16x20    Oil

"Arroyo Hondo"   14x18    Oil

"San Luis Farm"   16x20    Oil

"Fall Patterns"   12x16    Oil

"El Prado, NM"   12x16    Oil

"Las Trampas, NM"   8x10    Oil

"San Francisco, CO"   9x12    Oil

"Ranchos Farm"   8x10    Oil

"North San Ysidro"   16x20    Oil

"First Fall Color"   14x18    Oil

"El Prado Day"   11x14    Oil

"Apodaca Spring"   12x16    Oil

"Chamisa Turning"   9x12    Oil

"Pe├▒asco Cottonwoods"   11x14    Oil

"A Warm February Day"   14x18    Oil

"Middle of September"   12x16    Oil

"Llano, NM"   16x30    Oil

"San Luis Valley"   14x18    Oil

"Embudo Creek"   12x16    Oil

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